Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unauthorised hoardings still stand tall

Unauthorised hoardings still stand tall
Vijay Times

Alist procured by the Bangalore City Corporation’s (BCC) Standing Committee on T axation and Finance ( T&F) on unauthorised hoardings dotting the City has revealed that a majority of the advertising agencies have not applied for renewing the permission granted to them for displaying hoardings.

According to the recent list submitted by the BCC Deputy Commissioner (development) to the T&F committee, various ad agencies had not renewed the permissions accorded to them for putting up over 50 hoardings, measuring 12x24 in size.

While some of the unauthorised hoardings are yet to be removed, a few companies have submitted applications for renewing the licences. However , they are yet to pay the fine of Rs 10,000 levied during 2004-05 for display of unauthorised hoardings.

Speaking to B BV VT T , Lalitha Srinivasa Gowda, chairperson of the BCC Standing Committee on T axation and Finance, said, "The BCC has initiated a massive drive to pull down unauthorised hoardings across the City .

However , the advertising department in the BCC has been lenient with some companies. In some cases, the unauthorised hoardings have not been removed nor have the companies been served with notices for failing to adhere to the advertising bye-laws." When contacted, BCC Deputy Commissioner (development), Krishnegowda said, " Removal of unauthorised hoardings and renewal of licence is a continuous process. The zonal DCs are empowered to initiate action against the violators. W e will identify the defaulters and collect the dues." "So far , we have collected more than Rs 4 crore as advertisement tax. W e hope to get another Rs 2 crore by March," he informed.

In order to bring more accountability , permission for putting up hoardings was being renewed every six months under the Draft Advertisement Bye-Laws, he said.


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