Friday, January 27, 2006

Horticultural show attracts over a lakh visitors

Horticultural show attracts over a lakh visitors
Vijay Times

THE last day of the horticultural show at the Glass House in Lalbagh saw huge crowds on Thursday .

Making the best use of a national holiday , people of different age groups flocked Lalbagh. With security tightened in view of the Republic Day and to control the huge crowd, entry to the Glass House was restricted to one way and only a few people were allowed to get inside at a time. V asanth Kumar, director of Horticulture, said "More than a lakh people visited Lalbagh on the last day of the horticultural show . But, this time, things were much more organised with more police personnel having been posted." "Almost every year , we come to see the Republic Day flower show . But this time, the horticultural show was not only a treat to our eyes but also enriched our knowledge on a variety of flowers and fruits," said Sushma Bhatt, a visitor . F Fr ru ui it ts s f fo oc cu us ss se ed d t "Though flowers are generally the key attraction of this show , this year , visitors were provided with an opportunity to know more about minor fruits as well. Also, the Bonsai Park was an additional attraction," said Vishwanath, another visitor .


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