Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today you lay roads, tomorrow you dig them up

Today you lay roads, tomorrow you dig them up

Bangaloreans reacted with scepticism to the many initiatives in the BBMP’s budget

Jyoti Shetty, Jayamahal Residents Welfare Association
Today they lay roads and tomorrow they dig it up. What is the point in wasting money like this? There is absolutely no coordination between civic organisations. The pot-holes become bigger and bigger and BBMP acts blind towards it. I want to ask, do they even know the techniques to lay down roads? Why do they always go for tar roads? Why should not they go for cemented roads? We want answers for these questions from BBMP before they start spending public money for this year’s budget.
D N Giriappa, Secretary, Rural Development and Environment Society
I am just hoping that whatever they say, they should implement it also. Only a few things have materialised and they talk about a lot more.
A Umar, ex-president, Tatanagar Residents Welfare Association
Whatever they have done till today, it’s not up to the level of satisfaction. Not even a single road across the city that could last forever. No quality is there in the work. Only if you pester engineers and contractors, they will speed up push forward the work. Instead, they should utilise money properly and give satisfactory work. Dr Umeshwara, president, Koramangala Residents Forum
They say the same thing every year. We have stopped believing them now. They do not have a planned way of working out anything. Only the roads in front of the politicians’ houses are maintained well.
Club Road in Koramangala has been dug up as many as five times in a year. The residents are being fooled as we cannot go and argue with the officials. There is no way of improvement in this condition.
N S Mukund, executive member of Jayanagar fifth block residents Welfare association and citizens’ action forum
There is no point to these budgets. The condition of roads are pathetic and they are never maintained. The BBMP should not discriminate between roads. Instead it should repair all the roads and maintain them. There are many bottlenecks like digging for wires and other such purposes. BBMP should ensure that these roads are laid once the digging work is finished.
K V Bhaskar Murthy, president, Federation of Jayanagar Residents’ Association
Works were allotted some time back and they are already on now. Roads are coming up well and this is needed now when Bangalore’s traffic is exploding. But maintenance should be monitored continually.
G Vishwanath, Secretary, Residents Forum, LIC Colony
The proposal for pedestrian underpasses and sky walks are extremely useful. But 50 per cent of this would go as a waste because majority of the people do not use it thinking it’s time consuming. The police should be more strict with jay walkers and penalty should be collected strictly from such offenders.
C R Venkatesh, member, Silver Oak Residents Association
Fortunately, at least the BBMP has given importance to the pedestrians. Always there were only provisions for those using vehicles. But most of these sky walks that are existing are not used by many. With these escalator sky walks coming up, it will be of great use, especially for the elders.

K N Jagadish Kumar, president, Virupakshapura Residents Welfare Association
Roads are being laid now and then. But there is no quality in any of these roads. Today you put the tar and a few days later, the road will again come to the same state of wretchedness. Hence, instead wasting public money in this way, they should work on small projects and ensure quality.


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