Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheers for 11:30 pm deadline

Cheers for 11:30 pm deadline
By Praveen Dhaneshkar, DH News Service, Bangalore:
The order of the new Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Central Division, G Ramesh, instructing all wine stores, pubs, bars, restaurants, discotheques and hotels to shut down before a deadline of 11.30 pm for pubs and 12.00 am for restaurants or face the law has received both bouquets and brickbats.

This move that will see more than 19 police stations, under the jurisdiction of the central division enforce the order, primarily in the Central Business District (CBD), where a majority of the populace congregate and throng all through the night and well into the morning. However, the DCP Ramesh says he is just going by the law and enforcing it strictly.

“We have decided to enforce existing laws and regulations. When a majority of restaurants are made to adhere to law, why exempt a few places and allow them to be open up to 3 am. This is being strictly enforced to ensure that law and order is maintained and the city is free from crime,” Ramesh said.

Police sources added that allowing a few restaurants on Brigade Road, Church Street, Residency Road and in the CBD to remain open, when a majority of them are made to adhere to timings will convey a wrong message. Ramesh adds, “It will go a long way in prevention of crimes. We will enforce it in a efficient manner and deal sternly against those who do not follow it.”

“Everybody is equal before the law of the land. When a lot of people gather at a place, well beyond late night hours, how can the police and law enforcement agencies keep a tab on criminal elements who mingle with the crowd. But it should also be enforced in the Eastern and South-East parts of the city, where restaurants continue to be open to ensure totality,”
informed another official.


Regulation to shut down night spots at 11 pm is a very welcome idea. They could start early and wind up by 11 pm. Mostly they are frequented by students who have responsibilities ahead. More over its a very alien culture to us parents to see our children totter back at late hours. It can also lead the young generation into vice and trouble. Police should also keep check on drag racing and rash driving on roads mainly during late nights. For no faults, many are killed in road accidents.
- Dechu from Century Park
apartments, Residency Road

The decision is bad. Now, where should people have their dinner, if they leave office at late hours. When a star hotel is allowed to serve food with no ban, how can you ask a restaurant to close by midnight. There is no logic behind this. Instead, cops should intensify night patrols.
- Lokesh B H
from Vijaynagar

Why should restaurants close at 12 midnight. A majority of youth and middle class work well past midnight. Cafeteria’s and food houses must be allowed to serve eatables up to 2.30 or 3 am. The rule is unfair.
- Hira from Sanjaynagar

I support the police. It should have been enforced long ago. It is a little too late.
- Nandish from Halasoor

I have been living 200 mts away from Brigade Road for the last 37 years and enough is enough. It’s time the police put brakes on the growing atrocities at various joints which are opened past the deadline. Peace and tranquillity has taken a back seat and senior citizens are having a harrowing time in the Central parts of the city.

- Brigida Dias off Residency Road


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