Saturday, March 29, 2008

Majaa in malls

Majaa in malls
Shruti I L
Malls have become favourite weekend spots for Bangaloreans and why not when you can have everything under one roof

Eat, shop and celebrate is the weekend mantra of Bangaloreans, and malls in the City are more than geared up for this experience.

“We have just two days to chill out and would not want to waste time travelling distances to catch a movie or go shopping. Malls provide both shopping and entertainment options under one roof,” says Drithi, who visits malls at least twice a month.

For Bhavana, a mother of two, malls are convenient. “Malls have play areas. So while I shop, I leave my kids in this section. I don’t have to worry about them getting bored.”

For Varun, malls are brand heavens. “I am a brand person and malls offer a wide variety. Quality is assured and the chances of getting cheated are minimal. The ambience is also very international, not to forget the discounts,” he says.

The food courts up the popularity quotient of malls. “While I love Italian food, my friends prefer Indian cuisine. The food court is the ideal solution as there is something for everyone here.

Book shops, eateries, clothes, shoes, jewellery, artifacts... malls have it all. “The entertainment options is what brings me to a mall. Be it cinema or arcade games... the choices are many,” says Raghav, a teenager.
“Malls are complete timepass. The entry is free and you can hang around for however long you want. AC is a bonus. And given Bangalore’s crowded roads, malls are a saviour,” say Jefin and Prachet, students.

The concept seems to have done well for the brands as well. “Youngsters mostly come in groups to watch movies, but to kill time before the show, they window shop and most of the time come in and buy stuff. The sale in malls is better when compared to our individual stores,’’ says Cynthia, who works as a senior merchandiser for FabIndia.

Says Merveil Vargsese, the brand manager of The Forum that won the 'Most Admired Shopping Centre of the Year’ award, “Our mall registers a footfall of 60,000-70,000 on weekends and 25,000-35,000 on weekdays. Making shopping a hazel-free experience, by providing parking spaces, multi-brands and entertainment options for children has worked for us. Spacious aisles that facilitate free movement is our USP. We will soon introduce more children’s activities and workshops.”

Malls have mushroomed in almost all the prominent areas and are now coming up inside residential complexes. “The waste of space,” “blow on the neighbourhood shopkeeper’s stomach” “no bargaining” and “impulsive spending” theories not withstanding, malls are here to stay.


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