Sunday, November 25, 2007

Slippery resident of Cubbon Park caught

Slippery resident of Cubbon Park caught

Bangalore: A hunt for a snake created panic among visitors at Cubbon Park on Saturday noon. An 8-foot-long rat snake climbed a Gulmohar tree in front of the Bangalore Press Club in search of a meal.
Calls of alarm from a bunch of parakeets trying to protect their newborns and unhatched eggs on the tree, attracted onlookers. Soon, a brigade of photographers converged on the spot.
After an SOS was made to a snake rescue team, reptile conservationist Mohan reached the spot and rescued the snake. It was released at Bannerghatta National Park.
Conservationists, however, say this amounts to “interference with nature”. Hundreds of reptiles co-exist with other creatures in Cubbon Park. “It’s unfair to relocate them,’’ an urban ecologist said.
“This is the breeding season (September to January) of Rose-Ringed Parakeets, which are common in Cubbon Park, along with 100-plus bird species. They nest in tree holes carved by the Lesser Golden-Backed Woodpecker. The snakes generally feed on the eggs and newborns during this season,’’ said an ornithologist.


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