Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can expect more games

Can expect more games
Rashmi R Hebbur
Dr Shalini Rajaneesh, Principal Secretary, Women & Child Development Department and chairperson of Bal Bhavan Society, says plans are afoot only to improve the facilities at BB and not privatise it as made by some people.

She has this to say ...

What exactly is the plan?

Shalini: We want to use the existing resources efficiently for providing more amusement facilities to kids. Now, we just have toy train, boating, play areas which are crowded with kids but there still vacant land and we can use it. We want to go in for more play equipment involving private players.

Is Bal Bhavan going to be privatised?

No. We intend to improve BB on public private partnership model. The government is not in a position to invest more money on infrastructure and staff. The idea is to provide space on lease basis in lieu of rent and share the profits so that more activities could be introduced for kids. The Society will be controlling the activities including the fee.

At what stage does the plan stand now?

We have floated the tenders. First, the technical bids would be considered and later comes financial bids. The contract would be signed for a period of five years.

Will BB be out of reach for poor kids in the months to come?

The idea is not to make money but to provide more facilities. Fee will be reasonable. It is mainly for kids who cannot afford to go to private amusement parks. Apprehensions are due to the false statementsmad by a few self-styled leaders of employees. The proposal will not affect the interest of the employees.

Any other new plans?

Tenders have been floated to set up a new toy train in BB. On the lines BB, mini Bal Bhavans located in Jayanagar, Jeevanbima Nagar, Cole’s Park and Rajajinagar will be improved


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