Thursday, October 26, 2006

BMP watches as blatant illegal construction progresses

Citizens make BMP officials act
Notice Sent To Owner Of Unauthorised Construction In Richmond Town
The TImes of India

Bangalore: What does the lay person do when neither the politician nor the bureaucrat comes to her/his rescue? Gather like-minded citizens, put pressure on the system and ring in some action!
That’s what a group of citizens in Bangalore have done, although, they say the finale is far from near. The issue in question is an upcoming construction at Richmond Town. Apparently the owner of Site No. 02, Rose Lane, has been converting a terrace into an entire apartment block: in effect, the owner will have two buildings for the price of one.
Explains Vivek Shekar, a resident of Richmond Town who led citizens into taking cognisance of what was happening in their area: “When we saw this, we tried reasoning with the owner that one had to build according to the sanctioned plan. He did not listen and there was an ugly battle. We went to the corporator’s husband Salam Outerbridge who didn’t do anything about it. We chased BMP engineers and officials day and night, for weeks and months. Finally, they came for an inspection and were satisfied that we were telling the truth. A notice has been slapped on the owner.’’
Incidentally, the area corproator is Jabeen Taj Outerbridge but all civic affairs are of course handled by her husband Salam Outerbridge.
The agitation by the citizens has thus far borne fruit in the form of a provisional order slapped under Section 321(1) of the KMC Act on September 18. Later, after a ‘spot inspection’, the BMP was forced to acknowledge the deviations and the engineering department’s lapse. A confirmation order has been passed on October 10, directing the owner to “remove all deviated portions within three days of receipt of this order failing which further action as per law will proceed.’’
Meanwhile, the Richmond Town ward office has not taken any action, and the construction is going on in full swing.
BMP officials told The Times of India on Tuesday that they tried having a midnight raid on the premises a few days ago but were unable to because the owner had put his men on the job and prevented the officials from entering the place. They also said that there has been a court stay order, which means that even the owner can’t proceed with the construction. The status stands thus — citizens still fighting, construction going on despite BMP’s order.


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