Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Song of Bengalooru

The Song of Bengalooru

T J S George
New Indian Express

Do you visit Bengalooru
Or perhaps Mangalooru?
Do you live in Belagavi,
Or perhaps Kalburgi?
Do you love Vijapura
As if it is Singapura?
Do you go to Mysuru,
Becoming fast an eyesoru?
Have you gone to Hubballi,
No kin of Sarvepalli?
Ever heard of Bagalakote,
Quite far from Pudukkottai?

If you do, if you have,
You don’t have to starve
For patriotic thoughts
That cry out to be brought
To music by Nagabharana
In Klassical Kannada.
So, here goes the song
For patriots to Bang-along.

The weather is good
So is the food
Life has no glitches
Politics bring riches
We’re a happy crew
In Bengalooru

Our roads are truly terrific
Fair & lovely is our traffic
Our Sewerage Supply & Water Board
Is envied here and abroad
There’s nothing to rue
In Bengalooru

Our criminals do their business
Without let or hindrance
Our goondas know their fundas
And give our police Mysuru bondas
We all get thru
In Bengalooru

Now that Belagavi is named
We’ve our border tamed
Let Thackeray go fly a kite
Let DMK go take a flight
Facts are untrue
In Bengalooru

Our IT centres are super
Our call centres are proper
When cabbies kill our girls
Our Netas say, “Poor girls!”
No one hits the roofu
In Bengalooru

We’ve liquor lobby, lottery lobby
Financing leaders is their hobby
Our contractors are a happy lot
Every pothole brings them a lot
Political arrack we brew
In Bengalooru

We’re in love with money
We run colleges for money
We amend Varsity Act for money
We build housing for money
And we take over land for money
No one keeps aloofu
In Bengalooru

Yes, we’re a happy crew
In Bengalooru, in Mangalooru
We love politicians' voodoo
We love to be April foolu
We admire our literary groupu
A most patriotic troopu
They’re full of proofu
About our glorious pastu

What we love mostu
Is that no one will be in the soupu
In the newly crowned Bengalooru
The newly discovered
The cheaply recovered

Your ooru, our ooru
Namma Bengalooru


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