Friday, November 25, 2005

Blame rich for building by-law violations: BDA

Blame rich for building by-law violations: BDA
The Times of India

Bangalore: Building violations in the city are not made by the innocent or law-ignorant persons, but those with financial power and political backing, BDA commissioner M N Vidyashankar said at an open house seminar at the Public Affairs Centre on Thursday.

“I have concluded this after a study made by the BDA in the past one year. These people are confident that they can solve problems using muscle power,’’ he said. The civic body, he said, demolishes at least 1.06 buildings in a day and is making all efforts to step it up.

The BDA has also set up a think-tank to amend the law that will permit it to penalise not just the public or builders but also officials who permit this to happen. Recommendations for the necessary changes made by the think-tank will be submitted to the government, he outlined.

BMP additional commissioner (finance) P K Srihari urged people not to exceed the 5 per cent permitted violations while altering the kitchen and bathroom according to vaastu.


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