Tuesday, June 08, 2010

City underpasses go underwater

City underpasses go underwater
By: Madhusudan Maney Date: 2010-06-07 Place: Bangalore

BBMP looks on while Hebbal, Ganganagar, Chalukya Hotel junction and Raj Bhavan Road underpasses turn into pools of stinking, mosquito-infested slime

While the state government promises improved infrastructure to global investors, the existing infrastructure in the city leaves much to be desired.

The newly built pedestrian underpasses on the busy Bangalore International Airport road at Hebbal and Ganganagar have filled with rainwater and turned into a haven for mosquitoes.

Inconvenienced pedestrians have taken to using the road as they did before the underpasses were constructed.

The newly built pedestrian underpass at Hebbal.

The underpasses at the Chalukya Hotel junction, one on Raj Bhavan Road and the other opposite Basava Bhavan are also similarly unused or underused.

The pedestrian underpasses that were constructed recently in the city by spending crores of rupees are going down the drain.

Kavitha M, who uses the Hebbal underpass everyday says, "People just can't walk through it because it stinks so much.

The underpass has turned into a public toilet. When it rains, it becomes very difficult for the public to walk in the stinky slime.

Also, because there are several bus stops on both sides of the roads thousands of commuters have no choice but to either wade through the mosquito-infested water or putting their life and limb at risk while crossing the busy road."

Another user Sandeep Kumar says, "The pedestrian underpass has become shelter for beggars. They have become hubs for many illegal activities. The BBMP will have to keep a check and maintain it well."

BBMP Superintendent Engineer K T Nagaraj, said, "These pedestrian underpasses don't come under my purview. We have handed over to the East Zone and they are maintaining all these underpasses."

BBMP Chief Engineer (East zone), said, "I have not received any complaints so far from any one. I will check the underpasses immediately and see that the problems are resolved.

Actually, while constructing these pedestrian underpasses a sump and automatic pump facility is a must for draining out the water.

This is done so there is no problem during the rains. However, I have taken charge of the East Zone just two weeks ago. I will talk to my superiors and try to solve the problem as soon as possible."


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