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How about a corporator next door?

How about a corporator next door?
B V Ganesh of Chamarajpet, elected corporator for the second time, wants his ward to retain its traditional outlook and be made a zero-garbage zone. Always accessible, he makes people feel he is one among them People’s Man, He Hopes To Fulfil Their Wishes
Sunitha R Rao | TNN

Bangalore: One of the oldest localities in South Bangalore, Chamarajpet comprises traditional landmarks such as Tippu's Palace, Kote Venkateswara temple and Kannada Sahitya Parishat.
B V Ganesh, who was elected corporator of the ward for the second time, is enthused. He travels on his two-wheeler and is like a neighbour to residents. "Water supply was one of the major issues here, which has been taken care of in most parts. We get water on alternative days from 3 am," he says.
"There are three parks in my ward which need improvement, including the famous Makkala Koota park. I want to make provision for women yoga centres in these parks, which will also be a meeting point for them. At Azad Nagar park, I plan to construct a gym for men and yoga centre for women," says Ganesh.
He also wants to improve conditions at the Hindu burial ground. The electric crematorium set up there was objected to by residents nearby as the ashes reached their doorstep. "Electric crematorium is not required there, the burial ground by itself should improve. We have plans to build a waiting hall and rest rooms," Ganesh points out.
Y C Ramesh, a resident, finds water-clogging a major problem during rain. "Sewage lines are very old which need constant repair or have to be changed.''
The corporator adds: "Unscientific installation of street lights is one of the issues I have brought to the notice of Bescom and BBMP officials. There are street lights just beneath high-mast lights at three junctions. Each high mast placed at a junction will have 10 lights, which lights up surrounding areas. Unnecessary street lights should be removed to save power."
Road widening is another issue bothering residents of Chamarajpet. "On what basis has BBMP taken up a road-widening project at 3rd Cross of Chamarajpet? Let them share it with residents and traders if they have one. Roads are not only meant for movement of cars, there are many roadside vendors too. It is not a wise decision. Our area corporator has to raise this issue," complains R S Mani, a resident of the ward. On Saturday, the corporator met Chamarajpet Traders Association members to discuss the issue.
Traffic, road-widening proposal,
water woes, water clogging
KNOWING HIM B V Ganesh is a second-time corporator who has been into politics since 1983. He is the contemporary of minister Suresh Kumar. He was earlier elected corporator from the same ward in 1996. He has contested in corporation elections four times and won twice.
Has the corporator of your ward got down to brass tacks? Is he already in touch with Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) and, in fact, got some grievances redressed? If you or your RWA has spotted such active corporators, please give us the details. Team TOI will reach there for a spot inspection and coverage of the good work. This exercise will help recognize the hands-on corporators and, hopefully, shame the laggards into action.
Assembly Constituency:
Area: 1.03 sqkm
Localities: Chamarajpet, Raghavendra Colony, Nanjamba Agrahara, Makkala Koota, Ananthramaiah Colony, Krishnappa Garden, Dasappa Garden, Azad Nagar, Venkateshwara Nagar
What are your main observations?
Chamarajpet is one of the oldest layouts and a middle-class hub. This was the first layout set up in Bangalore by Sir M Visvesvaraya in 1945-46. All the sites here are of 30X108 dimension.
What can residents expect from you?
I am available 24 hours. Also, there are certain contact points on each street where residents can meet my subordinates. I request them to cooperate with civic agencies when they find any problems in their vicinity. Pipelines laid in this ward are old ones. People must alert officials when they find any water leakage.
What is your main action plan and how will you go about it?
There are no registered resident welfare associations in this ward. Road widening has been a main issue bothering more than 400 traders. I am against TDR and will make sure sufficient compensation is given to property owners.
What is your vision for Chamarajpet ward?
I want to make the ward zerogarbage zone, but not by sweeping 24 hours. Cleanliness requires cooperation from both residents and traders with BBMP pourakarmikas.
We are against road widening on 3rd Cross since it'll affect families of 400 traders and thousands of employees working here. We reject the TDR proposal and demand compensation for both land owners as well as tenants. We have discussed this matter with the corporator who has promised to fight on our behalf. — Dr M Satish Bhonsle | PRESIDENT, CHAMARAJPET TRADERS’ AND PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION


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