Sunday, June 06, 2010

National War Memorial: Activists to seek SC relief

National War Memorial: Activists to seek SC relief

Team DNA. Bangalore

Following the Karnataka high court order on Friday allowing construction of the National War Memorial at the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain park, activists are planning to approach the Supreme Court.
Krishna Apartments Association secretary, Dr Sudhir Pai, said the court had ignored provisions of the Karnataka Preservation of Parks Act, 1975. "We are not against the military memorial. What we're asking is why create something inside the park. The Karnataka Preservation of Parks Act, 1975, prohibits commercial construction in public parks. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain was declared a public park in 1998. If the government gives land in this park, then like lakes, all parks will be lost."
"Furthermore, when flags of the three wings of the armed forces and national flag are hoisted, due protocol is followed. If the armed forces find any act of vandalism at the memorial, they will cordon off the area. Instead, the race course can be used to create a military memorial," he added.
Thiruvengadam BC, the petitioners' lawyer, said due action would be taken after receiving a copy of the court order. Hasiru Usiru member Vinay Sreenivasa said: "I'm disappointed with the court's decision as the law has been ignored. After a meeting with stakeholders, including residents, the future course of action will be decided."
In the meantime, the disputed area lies untouched. The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) was entrusted with the task of constructing the memorial on 15 acres of land with a budget of Rs15 crore. The BDA dug up the site some time ago. Now, work has been suspended and they're awaiting further orders.
"We are yet to receive the court order copy. Furthermore, an association meeting — chief minister BS Yeddyurappa and Rajiv Chandrashekhar are the association's chairman and vice-chairman, respectively — has been convened. After the meeting, a course of action will be chalked out. Until then, work is suspended. There will be no further changes in the project and its cost," said a BDA official.
Mathew and Ghosh Architects' director, Soumitro Ghosh, said the firm would proceed in accordance with the proposal submitted to the court; there would be no changes.


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