Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sanjay Nagar underpass fails to weave its magic

Sanjay Nagar underpass fails to weave its magic

There is instant waterlogging every time it rains, making vehicle navigation quite an arduous task

Residents complain of acute traffic snarls at 'Magic Box' during evening peak hours

Odeal D'Souza. Bangalore

'Magic Box' underpasses are failing to work their magic on Bangalore, it seems.
The underpasses were touted by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) as a solution to traffic woes at busy junctions. But, they have been choking traffic during rains.
The 'Magic Box' at Sanjay Nagar is one of the worst-hit when it rains. "I have to pass through this junction everyday, while commuting to work and returning home," software engineer Pradeep K, who stays very close to the Magic Box, said. "I find it difficult to navigate when it rains, as the underpass gets waterlogged quickly," he said. "The BBMP seems to be least bothered about the problems motorists face here."
It is not just motorists, even pedestrians, especially those who have children with them, dread to pass through the underpass, Kirthi Prasad, who resides in the area, said. And when it rains, it becomes quite a dangerous spot for both motorists and pedestrians, he said.
The underpass gets waterlogged during rains, making it difficult for the traffic to move, another resident, who did not want to be named, said. The BBMP has made no provision to drain out the water, local residents said. Even repeated complaints to the officials concerned have not solved the problem,
they said.
Since the traffic is not regulated in the underpass, residents complain that it is quite difficult to cross it. "I feel scared while crossing the underpass," Gaithri Sharma, a senior citizen, said. "It takes a lot of time for me to cross. I have to first go across to the
'Magic Box'. And from the 'Magic Box', I have to cross to the other side of the road," she said. "While crossing, I fear being hit by a speeding vehicle."
"I often see huge traffic congestion in the underpass," a shopkeeper at the junction said. "The congestion is mostly because of the slow movement of buses. The problem is quite acute in the evening peak hours."
Most of the magic boxes created in the city become havoc during the rains. What were supposed to ensure smooth flow of traffic have become hurdles on their way.


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