Thursday, October 01, 2009

BBMP wields axe on drain encroachers

BBMP wields axe on drain encroachers

Bangalore: It is operation cleanup for the BBMP. With monsoon drain woes messing up Bangalore, and encroachments on storm water drains pointed out as the prime culprits, demolition squads swung into action on Wednesday morning.
In one of the biggest demolitions, the BBMP razed 16 buildings that stood bang on the SWD at Rajarajeshwarinagar. They had encroached upon the tank bund of Herohalli lake, blocking the flow of water for 700 m.
Nine earth movers were used for the operation, assisted by 200 policemen. “It is a very expensive project to close all storm water drains, but as a first step, we have decided to demolish all encroachments for smooth flow of rain water,” BBMP commissioner Bharatlal Meena told TOI.
Meanwhile, torrential rain brought misery to North Karnataka, claiming at least 20 lives. While 10 persons died when a house collapsed in Bijapur, six died in Belgaum, two in Gulbarga and one each in Bagalkot and Raichur districts. The damage to crops was heavy, and a relief centre was opened in Mangalagudda in Bagalkot district. REVENGE OF THE LAKES Locals To Help Rejuvenate City’s Dying Water Bodies Aarthi R | TNN
Bangalore: It’s now coming around a full circle. They were made by people. Over time, they were encroached upon by people. Very soon, these dying lakes will be developed and guarded by people.
There are more than a dozen bodies to oversee their governance and volumes of research have been done but till date, but the plight of the city’s dying lakes remains far from resolved. The BBMP now plans to make a difference by involving people.
Very soon, every tank will have its own committee. Mainly comprising local residents and volunteers from surrounding areas, this committee will work along with area engineers in not just developing the tank but also involving in regular maintenance of the tank once it’s developed.
Around 123 dying tanks have been identified by the BBMP for this. This excludes 12 lakes taken up by the BDA and 21 lakes being managed by the BBMP for rejuvenation recently. Each of these 123 lakes will have a separate committee.
These lakes will be fenced all around All encroachments to be removed Plantations along the periphery Improvement work that includes cleaning the lake, checking on connecting drain networks and beautification Involve residents in supervision, suggestions and regular maintenance


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