Friday, October 02, 2009

A slushy stretch most citizens fear to tread

A slushy stretch most citizens fear to tread

Mounds of mud left behind by civic work pose threat to motorists on Kamraj Road

Some pedestrians have even fallen into the open drain where the pipeline work is yet to be completed

Huidina N. Bangalore

Most shoppers try to avoid Kamraj Road near Commercial Street. As rains continue to soak the city, the stretch has turned slushy after diggers involved in a pipeline laying work left behind mounds of mud.
Motorists, especially bikers, using the dimly-lit road at night face risk as their vehicles may skid on the muddy road filled with potholes. Pedestrians, who don't regularly use the road, may fall into the drain where the pipeline work is still under progress.
Shoppers face a different problem. Power supply has been hit by the pipeline work.
"I've been complaining to the officials in charge of the road about the problems faced by shoppers and pedestrians. One of them got angry and abused me saying I'm the only one who keeps complaining," said Malini Kurian, director of Light and Lighting store.
With a wave of her hand, she drew our attention to her light shop which stood lifeless without power or customers.
"Power failure has hit our business hard. For the past few days, shoppers are avoiding this area because of the road problem. This had added to our recession woes," said Prem, another shopkeeper on Kamraj Road.
Deepa Rao, of the shoppers who frequents Commercial Street, said she was not using
the Kamraj Road because of the risks posed by the potholes and drain which remained open at points where the pipes had not been laid yet.
"We have heard enough of drain deaths. So why should I take the risk," she said.
The problem is not confined to shopkeepers and pedestrians. Commuters said the narrow road was making their vehicles literally crawl.
"The uneven road due to numerous potholes is putting us in trouble. The problem is more at night with no power. Drivers have to take extra care. Otherwise, their vehicles may get stuck in the potholes leading to accidents," said Sanjay Sharma, one of the commuters on Kamraj Road.
"The soil, which has been dug out, must be cleared immediately as frequent rains have made the road slushy. Pedestrians are a feet under mud whenever it rains. Many had fallen into the pit dug for laying the pipeline.
"When civic authorities start a project near a road, they should ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists and complete the work on time," said Malini.


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