Monday, August 17, 2009

Majestic stand to make way for Metro

Majestic stand to make way for Metro

Metro work is expected to begin at the KBS by the month-end
Raghavendra RFirst Published : 17 Aug 2009 07:46:48 AM ISTLast Updated : 17 Aug 2009 11:10:10 AM IST
BANGALORE: The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will hand over some portion of its Kempegowda Bus Station (KBS) premises to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) for the Namma Metro work, which will start by the month-end. The handover will tentatively be done in three stages from August-end to October.
Speaking to Express, KSRTC divisional controller MP Prabhu Das said out of the 32-acre KBS premises, 20 acres and 23 guntas will be handed over for Metro work. “This includes about 125 ft of the main building, which also houses KSRTC’s administrative building, that will be razed down,” he said.
Das added 30 shops in the station’s main building will also be demolished.
“Notice has been served to the shopkeepers and affidavit from each of them has been taken stating that they would vacate the shops a week before the Metro work starts,” he said.
In the first stage, three slots of twowheeler parking space and third depot area, while in the second stage, intradivision depot or ideal parking depot and fifth depot area would be handed over to the BMRCL. In the third stage, fourth depot or Volvo depot area will be provided. It was said that 11 bus bays out of 39 bays in the main frontal area and four out of 19 bays in the Kolar sector will give way for Metro work.
Das said depots will be shifted to the Sports Complex and next to the KSRTC divisional workshop at Shantinagar.
“Lawn and parking area would be turned into 15 bus bays temporarily for departure. Alighting will be shifted to the old alighting platform opposite Sangam Theatre,” he added.
Operational since 1969, the KBS then had 139 departures and one thousand passengers using its services daily. The bus station at present has 2,680 departures and around 1,65,000 passengers using the services every day. The two-wheeler and autorickshaw parking spaces together accommodates around 1,500 two-wheelers.
The car parking space has been turned into three bus bays for Hassan sector buses from August 1 to decongest the main bus station platforms. With no space left to park vehicles in KBS, no alternative parking space has been arranged.
It was said it would take four to five years to complete the Metro work in the KSRTC area. However, it was also said the corporation was thinking of creating vehicle parking space for twowheelers with the area remaining area in front. But this would have less space and can accommodate around 500 vehicles, it was said.


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