Thursday, August 13, 2009

What lies under THIS HEAP?

What lies under THIS HEAP?
HBR Layout reels under BBMP apathy
Dead Animals Are Not Removed, But Buried Here
Aarthi R | TNN

Bangalore: Have civic authorities forgotten their basic functions? Is there enough staff at the ground level? Forget about pesky mosquitoes, even dead and decaying animals in public places aren’t cleared away. It couldn’t get worse than this instance of civic apathy. On August 4, a stray dog was violent tearing open a cow carcass dumped at a busy crossroad in Hennur Bellary (HBR) Layout, II Block.
Several schoolkids stopped by to watch in appalled fascination even as others desperately tried to flee. Gripped by fears of H1N1 virus and chikungunya, the area association tried its best to get the carcass removed. After repeated complaints, the BBMP brought in an earthmover. Not to remove it but to bury it. It remained at the junction, even on Saturday.
This is not an isolated incident — dead and decaying animals are a common sight in this layout, complain residents.
“We are talking of fighting the H1N1. I don’t know how will India can control it when authorities can’t remove a dead animal from a main road leading to the BDA complex,” association member Imthiyas Ahmed explained.
This apart, poultry shops in the area which sell chicken also add to their woes. The feathers and waste body parts are neatly packed in black plastic bags or sacks and dumped by the roadside at night. Over time, this has led to an increase in population of stray dogs. Some residents also complain of spotting even dead horses, sheep and buffaloes dumped in the main storm water drain that runs through the layout.
“The 1st Cross is the only entrance to HBR Layout. Every night, we see lorries coming here and dumping debris on the left side of the road. Despite our complaints, there’s been no action by the BBMP. This has been happening for over 10 years!’’ complains a resident.
They feel the main reason is no proper solid waste management programme. Even the door-to-door garbage collection is rare and some residents manage to get it done by paying workers. “Why should we do it when BBMP does it free in other areas? They also collect a garbage cess. If a proper disposal system is in place and uniform for all areas, why will people throw garbage on the roads?’’ says a rather frustrated Imtiaz, a long-time resident.
The major problem is lack of staff on the ground. There is no separate health inspector for this area. Residents have to contact the inspector at Nagawara. Interestingly, when resident representatives asked BBMP area engineer Vijay Kumar about illegal dumping in the area, he pleaded helplessness.


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