Sunday, August 16, 2009

No kissing here, you're in Lalbagh

No kissing here, you're in Lalbagh

Stricter rules will now apply to weed out lovers from Lalbagh

Odeal D'Souza. Bangalore

Take your smooching and heavy petting activity elsewhere, is the strong message the department of horticulture is giving all lovers who intend to use the Lalbagh botanical gardens for some intimate moments of togetherness. This time, the department is serious, going by the arrangements that are in place to catch 'love birds' on the benches or behind the bushes of the sprawling gardens before they get too close for comfort.
Firstly, ten hawk-eyed security personnel (of the existing 60 that man the park) have been specially appointed with instructions to use a loudspeaker to educate park users about the code of conduct in the park. Boards will also be put up in English and Kannada to not use the park for indecent behaviour.
Secondly, if the lovers dodge the eyes of the security guards, CCTV cameras that will be put up, especially for this purpose, will catch the offenders. "These plans will strictly come into force after the flower show," said N Jayaram, director of horticulture told DNA Sunday.
Thirdly, the department of horticulture has created a 100-member team from the daily joggers and walkers in the park. These tree wardens, as they will be called, will keep a close watch to check such activity in the park. The Lalbagh outpost police will also keep a vigil, and if they catch anyone indulging in indecent behaviour, will file a case against them. Couples smooching orcaught in heavy petting activity will also be booked under the immoral trafficking act.


At Monday, August 17, 2009 at 2:09:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Amit M said...

Telling couples to stop indulging in PDA is fair enough, especially if it makes the people around uncomfortable. But booking innocent couples under the immoral trafficing act is ridiculous. Indicative of the growing intolerance of what was once peaceful Bangalore. Don't the police and security people have better things to do. I guess not, judging by the sad state of law and order in my home town!


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