Monday, July 20, 2009

Good news: No more loadshedding in city

Good news: No more loadshedding in city

Bangalore: Something to cheer about on the power front: the two-hour unscheduled loadshedding imposed on Bangalore in early June has been withdrawn thanks to a spell of good rain over the past two weeks.
“We have decided to do away with loadshedding as the recent rain has eased the power demand to a great extent across Karnataka,’’ Bescom managing director Tushar Girinath told The Times of India. He quickly inserted a caveat that there could be more “temporary” unscheduled power cuts at the local station level when the need arises. In Tier II cities and rural areas, unscheduled loadshedding will continue for two more weeks until the situation improves fully, official sources said.
“Things aren’t as bad as they were in June in rural areas. But we are resorting to power cuts for a few hours in the larger interest of the state,’’ said a senior KPTC official.
Presently, the peak load demand in Karnataka was hovering around 100-110 million units (mu) and power production was enough to meet this.
The state had resorted to overdrawing hydel power to an unsustainable 25 million units a day when the storage level at various dams had hit rock-bottom in June due to a delayed monsoon. “Though the water level in all major dams has now reached the comfort zone, it must ideally be 14-15 mu a day to make hydel reserves last till June 2010,’’ officials added.


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