Monday, July 20, 2009

Bangalore Metro High on risk, low on safety

Bangalore Metro High on risk, low on safety

There's no single organisation to hold BMRCL accountable for accidents at Metro sites

Senthalir S. Bangalore

At least five accidents have occurred at Bangalore Metro Rail project sites in the city since December. But, not a single organisation monitors the citizen's and worker's safety aspects. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) remains unaccountable on the risks faced by, and safety aspects of, citizens when they pass close to project sites.
A spot-check conducted by DNA on the two main locations of the project, MG Road and CMH road, revealed that cranes and JCBs suddenly emerge from worksite enclosures on to the roads, burning cinders fall to the ground during welding and soldering works, and metal barricades fall on busy roads due to winds. All these, and more, pose a grave threat to motorists and pedestrians alike.
Traders on CMH Road, where seven accidents have occurred over the last year, fear that such accidents would continue occurring in the future. "We fear this would occur even in the future," said Imtiaz Ahmed, president, CMH traders' Union. "It is because the road is very narrow here. It is very difficult for cranes and JCBs to enter. If any accident occurs here, there won't be any space for cranes even to remove the debris." The roads are not narrow on MG Road. But, the careless movement here of cranes and JCBs, which suddenly emerge on the roads, threaten motorists.
"At night, it is very dangerous especially near the Brigade road and MG Road junction," says Ravi Kumar, a motorist who passes the location every day to and from work.


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