Monday, August 09, 2010

Involve Bangalore, please. Decision-making should be transparent

Involve Bangalore, please. Decision-making should be transparent

I think we need to have a champion who is qualified both technically and empathetically to be able to explain. If something needs to be done, I need to be fully in the know.
People should have been allowed to get a look and feel of what the remodelled road will look like. That has not been shown.
And who are the city planners? I'd like to see who they are as I don't know them. The authorities are coming across as being very reactive and their action as very knee-jerk.
If today, somebody were to come and say 'we are the city planners and this is our
vision', there will be thousands of Bangaloreans who will come and listen to that
Land acquisition is wrong
I don't think in terms of the structure there is anything wrong with TDR. But I am against land acquisition itself, I don't think it is correct. The basic issue is whether acquisition itself is legal or not. According to the Karnataka Town and Country Planning act, you have to keep it open for discussion. And the option has to be kept open.
We need fresh ideas
I am just a client of the system and expect a certain quality of service. Roads should not be dug up, and if someone does, they should be penalised.
Also, we should be able to use public transport. Transport system should be coupled with good infrastructure.
Good citizenry and good governance are what you need for this overarching thing to work. There might be people with good ideas right here and we can open our minds and projects to those with some fresh thinking.
We need a debate
There should be transparency and debate in decision-making. It cannot be clouded in double-speak.
Infrastructure and transportation should be thought through and optimised for the next 25 years. People of a calibre should be making decisions. There should be experts involved.


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