Monday, August 09, 2010

Harassed by autorickshaw drivers? Just text an SMS

Harassed by autorickshaw drivers? Just text an SMS
Sreekantswamy B Mysore, Aug 8, DHNS

The next time you are fleeced by an autorickshaw driver, don’t just oblige. You can play the role of a whistle-blower by alerting police authorities about the money-swindling art practiced by some autorickshaw drivers, through an SMS.

The message should include the name of the sender, address, registration, sticker number of the vehicle, place of boarding and destination reached. The message will be deemed as a
complaint and stern action will be initiated against the erring autorickshaw driver.

Autorickshaw drivers are infamous for refusing to ferry passengers to particular places, demanding fares as per their wishes and manipulating metres. To address these woes, the police authorities have appealed to the public to make use of the opportunity. Apart from SMS, the complaints can also be lodged through post cards. The police have already been receiving 15 to 20 messages per month from the past several months, thanks to the initiative of DG&IG Ajai Kumar Singh who made it mandatory to display a board in front of all police stations across the State with the landline and cellphone numbers of the respective police officers.

Following some complaints, autorickshaw drivers have been summoned and warned to correct their behaviour with passengers.

Nominal fines have been imposed on some auto drivers, a police officer said. The officer added that in some cases complainants prefer anonymity. But the police insist on an address only to let them know the status of their complaints.

DCP (Crime and Traffic) P Rajendra Prasad told Deccan Herald that apart from sending messages, the victims can also post their grievances at,,

Message to..
ACP (traffic)- 9480802214
Inspector (N R traffic)- 9480802250
Inspector (K R traffic)- 9480802249
Police control room-
100 (toll free),
2418349/ 40


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