Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trial & error farce on a flyover

Trial & error farce on a flyover

Traffic police to do away with signal lights on Richmond Circle overpass from December 12

Team DNA. Bangalore

The traffic police seem to be out to snatch away from the city a dubious distinction they themselves conferred on it.
Years after having introduced signal lights to create a traffic intersection on the Richmond Road-Residency Road flyover, making it the only flyover world over to have personnel manning crisscrossing traffic, the police have now decided to undo it.
From Saturday, a new plan, experimental though, would be implemented on the flyover to resolve the issue of traffic hold-ups created by the intersection and mitigate the adverse impact on the flyover safety.
The traffic police said in a press release that the plan would not disturb the existing one-way traffic flow on Richmond and Residency Roads.
Cars, two-wheelers and other light motor vehicles (LMVs) moving from Richmond Road and climbing up the ramp will be allowed towards Double Road instead of Mission Road. Buses and other heavy vehicles will be barred from using this ramp and will have to continue to use the left side of the ramp at the ground-level.
The traffic will flow up-ramp on Mission Road towards Residency Road. Hence, Mission Road down-ramp will become up-ramp. The ramp on Double Road will be two-way up to merging point on the flyover.
Following this modification, new traffic advisories have been issued:
Traffic moving from Richmond Road towards Lalbagh Main Gate and Basavanagudi and other places in south of the city have been advised to climb up the flyover and descend at Double Road, proceed to Lalbagh East Gate Circle, and take right turn on Mari Gowda Road to reach Lalbagh Main Gate.
Cars and two-wheelers and LMVs from Richmond Road proceeding towards Lalbagh East Gate and towards Wilson Garden and Ashoka Pillar should climb up the ramp at Richmond Circle and descend at Double Road before proceeding to their destination.
Motorists proceeding to Mission Road have been advised not to climb the up-ramp at Richmond Circle and instead take a left turn and proceed to Shanthinagar signal light (Blood Bank Circle) and take a right turn under the flyover towards Mission Road. Traffic towards Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road and Hudson Circle should go straight using the right side of the flyover and proceed
as usual.
Traffic from Mission Road heading towards Residency Road should climb up the ramp and descend at Residency Road. They can thus avoid two signals and also "U" turn and extra-kilometers through Raja Ram Mohan Roy Circle.
Traffic from Mission Road headed towards Double Road will continue to take right turn under the flyover. Traffic from Mission Road towards Shanthinagar will continue to go under the flyover as before.
Mission Road-bound traffic from Double Road will have to take free left turn at the ground level as before. Traffic from Double Road towards Residency Road will climb up the ramp and merge with the up-ramp traffic coming from Mission Road and descend at Residency Road. Hence, the Double Road ramp will run two-way till it merges with Mission Road ramp.


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