Sunday, October 26, 2008

It’s a village outside tech park

It’s a village outside tech park

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The International Technology Park (ITPL) may be contributing to the IT City tag of Bengaluru, but its surroundings are no better than that of a village badly in need of development.

While the ITPL has a beautiful sprawling campus, the road outside its back gate is muddy and slushy making the lives of both pedestrians and drivers miserable.

People living in the neighbourhood complain about bad roads, inadequate streetlighting, and improper garbage disposal.

Mr Raghu S., who lives here, says: “The locality around The International Technology Park is considered one of the best areas of the city. But it’s only when you come here that you realise all’s well only inside the campus. Living conditions outside are terrible.” Those using the roads have several complaints. Take Mr Ramesh N, who says walking on the slushy stretches, especially during the rains, ruins your clothes as they get splashed with muddy water.

“This narrow stretch has some 50 vehicles using it every morning to enter ITPL. This results in a massive traffic jam during peak hours,” he says.

Another narrow junction that the commuters have been complaining about for very long is the graphite junction leading to the Sri Sathya Sai Hospital.

According to them traffic piles up here on both sides of the road for up to 2 km for several hours every morning.

“To add to the problems created by the poor condition of the road, the traffic signals do not work most of the time resulting in utter confusion. At night the situation gets worse as most of the surrounding roads do not have street lights,” says Ms Nithya Raghavan, a resident of a nearby area.

BBMP officials claim they have already taken note of the problems and will very soon improve the conditions here.

“Some roads around The International Technology Park are in a bad state. Now Rs 60 crore has been allotted to improve the infrastructure here. Work will start by mid- December and will be completed by February. Also, BDA has taken charge of improving the entire stretch between K.R. Puram bridge and Hope Farm, via ITPL. Rs 10 crore has been allotted for this and work will be completed within a month,” say the officers.


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