Wednesday, December 26, 2007

City records coldest Dec day in 124 yrs

City records coldest Dec day in 124 yrs

Bangalore: December is the time when chill descends on the city. On Monday night, the temperature plummeted to 11.8 degrees Celsius — the third coldest for the month in 124 years. It was also the coldest December night in the last five years. Since December 2001, temperatures had ranged between 12.3 degrees C and 13.6 degrees C.
The lowest temperature for the month was last recorded in 1883 when it was 8.9 degrees Celsius, followed by the second lowest in December 2000 when the mercury dipped to 11.5 degrees C.
“During winter, parts of south-interior Karnataka, including Bangalore, experience sudden fall in temperature particularly between Dec 15 and Jan 15. Bangalore is almost 930 metres above mean sea level,’’ a weather expert from the Area Cyclone Warning Centre, Chennai, told TOI.
GKVK weather experts said the city is susceptible to cold temperature due to the presence of clouds with moisture just a kilometre from the ground. “These clouds bring in cold breeze, during which the cold breeze and surface wind mix and reduce the temperature,’’ said M B Raje Gowda of GKVK.
The city will remain cold for the next two to three days and the temperature may dip further.


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