Monday, June 25, 2007

‘Trees to be pruned by July 5’

‘Trees to be pruned by July 5’
Sunday June 24 2007 13:28 IST

BANGALORE: BBMP Commissioner K Jairaj said that the trees on the arterial roads of the city will be pruned by July 5.

Jairaj who visited the spot on the Queen’s Road where an old tree snapped killing a RTO official on the spot and injuring three others, called the mishap ‘unfortunate’.

“The victims should have sensed the breaking of the huge branch and slowed down, this could have prevented the fatal accident”- was the reaction of commissioner.

On asking if there was an account of the number of the old tress that exist in the city, which could potentially be dangerous in rainy season, the BBMP officials denied any such number count or survey.

However the commissioner said: “about 239 trees were being cut to ward off such tree falling accidents.”

Krishna Udapudi, Deputy Conservator of Forests, BBMP, said “Active pruning squads consisting of 60 members have been employed to prune the trees in the city. At present, Sadashivanagar, RT Nagar area trees are being pruned.”

In case of tree fall or other complaints call BBMP Helpline: 22221188


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