Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We’re ready for monsoon: BBMP; nothing of the sort: Citizens

We’re ready for monsoon: BBMP; nothing of the sort: Citizens
Monday April 23 2007 09:37 IST

BANGALORE: While the dire complications of severe anaemia is well known, there is an increase in mild to moderate forms of anaemia, which needs to be addressed as it is causing higher maternal mortality, said president of Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BSOG) Dr Arulmozhi Ramarajan at a scientific session on Sunday.

It is said that about 52 percent of women in the reproductive age groupand 74 percent of children are anaemic by definition in our country. Apart from this, India is also infamous for being the country with the highest maternal mortality rate in the whole of South Asia at 540 per lakh pregnant women. Reducing this number by three fourths within 2015, that 135 per lakh, is one of the key goals set by the Millennium Declaration of the World Health Organisation for the country.

Given this, BSOG had organised a scientific session focussing on ‘Eradicating anaemia for safer motherhood and healthier generations’.

Speaking at the session, Dr Arulmozhi said, ‘‘Anaemia in pregnant women could be due to lack of proper nutrition, worm infestations, acute blood loss or chronic blood loss.’’

Apart from causing deaths during childbirth and children being born with low birth weight, anaemia is also said to cause various long term repercussions for the child. Dr Hema Diwakar, Diwakar Speciality Hospital, said,‘‘Anaemia during pregnancy continues into neo-natal anaemia due to poor reserves and leads to further complications. It could result in poor mental and physical development resulting in decreased learning capacity.’’

Doctors felt that such complications can be reduced by recognition, correct diagnosis and treatment of anaemia.

The measures suggested by the doctors included health education, providing iron and folic acid supplements to school children and pregnant women, routine deworming, correct diagnosis of unresponsive anaemia and most importantly enhancing awareness and empowering girl children.


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