Thursday, September 21, 2006

K R Market bus stand out of bounds for buses

K R Market bus stand out of bounds for buses
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The KR Market bus station is a congested place and commuters struggle to move around, thanks to the numerous hawkers and autos that occupy half the area most of the day.

As a result, buses do not go inside the bus stand and are forced to stop out by the roadside. This, in turn, results in traffic jams on the adjacent roads.

Motorists who use the road frequently complain that the bus station is crowded with fruit and vegetable vendors, who hardly leave any space for the buses. Bus drivers, who have to deal with the problem daily, express their helplessness.

‘‘We have no other choice but to allow them to carry on, as the authorities have failed to take action against them,’’ says Ramesh, a bus driver. However, vendors argue that they have to earn their daily bread. ‘‘This is the only place available,’’ said Rupa Kumari, a vegetable seller.

According to an auto driver, it is easy for him to find passengers at the bus stop. ‘‘Avenue Road is congested and the police officials do not let us halt there for long. Therefore, we are forced to use the bus stop,’’ he adds.


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