Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BTRAC on track

BTRAC on track
Vijay Times

As part of the B-TRAC initiative, the City traffic police will soon install an Automated T Command System costing Rs 8 crore, to reduce traff congestion.

Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers chairman M N Sreehari said the survey to tify the highly congested areas and junctions in t has been completed.

Around 100 busy junctions in the City - Airport Ro Hosur Road, JC Road and Vidhana Soudha - are in th These junctions will have cameras linked to a work tion. The video clippings captured with the help o cameras can be viewed from the control room.

Sreehari said since it is difficult to man traffic junctions due to shortage of manpower, the program will be implemented in two phases.

“In the first phase, Rs 3 crore will be spent for lishing a work station, which will divert the traf itself. This is essential as it is humanly impossi police personnel to keep a track of 26 lakh vehicl An official at the work station will monitor the f traffic and zero in on violators. The cameras can ated using remote control or radio frequencies.

To be set up in November on the 13th floor of the Public Utility Building (PUB) on MG Road, the work tion will be headed by an official of the rank of tor or above.

t will be equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets such as cameras and a central monit screen. On either side of the screens, 16 small sc be installed to view images. Any picture can be fr and enlarged on the screen.

M A Salim, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), s the system will greatly help reduce traffic snarls


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