Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cubbon Park or garbage yard?

Cubbon Park or garbage yard?
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Cubbon Park is no more the pride of Bangalore. The 292-acre park is now filled with litter. The lack of proper maintenance by the authorities and lack of sense of cleanliness among the visitors have made this park a garbage dump.

As you enter the park, you will find garbage, used plastic bags, papers all over. There is a shortage of staff to maintain the park. There are only three sweepers and seven security men.

Deputy director of Horticulture M Venugopal says, “The park is maintained from the revenue that comes from the park trust. Security and sweepers are employed on a contract basis from private agencies. Since there is shortage of funds for the maintenance the security cannot be increased.”

“We have written to the higher officials of the department to set up adequate facilities to maintain the park as we lack adequate funds,” he added. Visitors are anyway bothered to keep the park clean.

“The park lacks cleanliness. Everywhere there are used plastic cans and papers. In order to maintain the park, it should be privatised and the entrance fee should be taken,” says a Wipro employee.

Another visitor says, “I think the park is clean, it is not easy to maintain such a big park, mainly people should be made aware of cleanliness.”


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