Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Repeat traffic offenders will lose driving licence

Repeat traffic offenders will lose driving licence
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: If you are a habitual traffic offender and assume you can always pay and get away, think again. A repeat violation may cost you dear. You may even lose your driving licence once and for all.

Considering the extensive number of traffic offences, police have decided to tighten the screws on motorists. They have already prepared a database of habitual offenders, which they will henceforth cross-check for repeat violations. Later, the list will be sent to the RTO with a recommendation for suspension of driving licence.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M N Reddi told this paper that with the number of traffic offences increasing, it had become inevitable to adopt stringent measures to bring in better discipline.

“Out of 23 lakh licence holders almost 17 lakh people have already been booked for violating traffic rules. Of these, the number of repeat violations are increasing. We are compiling computerised as well as manual databases. These will be sent to the RTO office,’’ he said.

The RTO may hold the licence of the offender under suspension for six months or even cancel it, Reddi said.

“Under Section 19 of the Motor Vehicle Act and Rule 20 of the Motor Vehicle Rule, the licence of an offender may either be suspended for some time, or cancelled,’’ he said.

Reddi said even out-of-station licence holders would be dealt with strictly. At least three lakh motorists resident in the city hold licences issued by RTOs in different districts and states. The police will recommend their suspension also if they are repeat offenders.

“Congestion and the non-compliance are the two major problems faced by the city traffic. All we want is to make people realise that a habitual offender will be prohibited from driving on city roads," he added.


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