Monday, August 23, 2010


Nandhini staff use one half of the two-lane stretch connecting Indiranagar 100 Feet Road to Old Airport Road to park the vehicles of its customers
Manasi Paresh Kumar

The Domlur flyover at Indiranagar was built to ease the flow of traffic, but is now being used as a parking lot by a restaurant nearby for its customers’ vehicles. Well, at least a part of it.
Valets employed by Andhra cuisine restaurant Nandhini park vehicles of customers at the path on the left taking motorists from Indiranagar 100 Feet Road towards Old Airport Road. “The path leading to Old Airport Road is a two-lane stretch. It is reduced to a single-lane path during lunch and dinner time due to vehicles parked there by the restaurant’s staff. It causes problems for other motorists,” said Bangalore Mirror reader C S Raghuram who brought the matter to our notice.
The main culprit is allegedly Nandhini restaurant, which is at the beginning of this stretch.
“They barely have parking space for five vehicles in their basement. They are closest to the flyover and use the space,” alleges Vishal Awasthi who works in Diamond District. Apparently, a major portion of the basement parking is being used as a storage area.
The hotel employs four valets to park customers’ vehicles. When Bangalore Mirror spoke to them, their standard response was, “We have been told to park it there (on a part of the flyover).”
Restaurant manager Madhusoodhan said, “We know that we are not allowed to park there.” But, he did not say anything more.
Cops also turn a blind eye. In fact, two personnel from Jeevan Bhima Nagar police station were walking out of the restaurant with packed lunches when Bangalore Mirror asked them about the illegal parking. “It is not our responsibility,” they said in unison.
However, Additional Commissioner of Police Praveen Sood made it clear that the vehicles had no business being parked on the ramp. “I will look into the matter,” was his response.
The Indiranagar 100 Feet Road is among the busiest commercial hubs in Bangalore. More than 15,000 people work in various BPO and IT companies based in the area. Plus, it is popular with shoppers due to a variety of retail outlets of top brands. More than 15 restaurants and eateries dot both sides of the road to tap into this crowd.


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