Sunday, July 18, 2010

Illegal road humps to be cleared

Illegal road humps to be cleared
Bangalore, July 17, DHNS

The BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah on Friday directed the zone level engineers to replace all the illegal road humps in the City with scientific road humps.

He directed all the chief engineers to prepare a list of all unauthorised/ unscientific road humps on all the roads in coordination with the local traffic police. The list shall be forwarded to the traffic engineering department, which will remove all the unwanted road humps. If any of these road humps are necessary but are not as per the prescribed standard then they should be rectified, the order said.

The order says that a standard road hump should be 3-metre wide with a height of five to six inches, maximum at the highest point. The curve has to be smooth with parabolic shape at both ends as well as at the central portion so as to provide smooth transition and shall cause minimum inconvenience to the vehicle users.

These road humps should be provided with thermoplastic painting and road studs (cat eyes) at the approach of the humps for a clear visibility during nights. A signboard indicating ‘Hump Ahead’ has to be installed at least at a distance of 15 metres before the road hump. These humps should be maintained periodically by applying thermoplastic painting, replacing the broken road studs.

The Commissioner has directed the zonal engineers to take up the work immediately and the action taken report shall be given to him within 30 days.

Presently there are about 300 standardised road humps and about 400 scientific high raised pedestrian crossings installed by the BBMP’s traffic engineering cell. At the same time there are thousands of unscientific road humps in many major and minor roads of all the zones of the City.

There has been a number of complaints from the traffic police as well as public against the illegal road humps that are causing accidents. Based on the complaint the BBMP has now decided to clear them and replace them with the scientific road humps.


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