Saturday, June 05, 2010

War Memorial gets go ahead

War Memorial gets go ahead
Bangalore: June 4, DHNS:

The High Court on Friday gave its green signal for the construction of War Memorial at the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain park in the City by clearing all the legal hurdles.

Dismissing the petition filed by Krishna Apartments and others, who had challenged the Government’s decision to construct the war memorial at the park, the division bench comprising Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice Mohanshantana Gowdar observed that the memorial is prestigious to the State.

The bench pointed out that there should be no room for suspicion, as the National Military Memorial Trust (NMMT) formed on February 29, 2009 is headed by the Chief Minister. “The administration and maintenance too is headed by the Chief Minister. This can dispel the doubts and suspicions of the petitioner.”
“This is the minimum homage one can pay to the soldiers who laid down their lives for the country,” the judges stated.

The war memorial, which comprises a Veeragallu (monument) and an underground motivation hall, does not indicate private interest of any private individuals, the Bench observed. The Bench, stating that the project does not indicate any arbitrariness, unfairness and favouritism to any individual, dismissed the petition saying that the petitioner is not entitled for any relief.

The petitioners, Krishna Apartments Owners Welfare Association and Dr Sudheer Pai had moved the High Court seeking to prevent the felling of trees and construction in the park.
The petitioners stated that the park, adjacent to Raj Bhavan measured 17.04 acres and since July 1998, had been subject to a government policy which restricted the construction of any buildings on the site.

They alleged that despite this policy, the Agenda For Bengaluru Infrastructure Development (ABIDe) had decided to construct a motivation hall for 1,000 sq mts. This hall would be the first National Military Memorial, but was contrary to the Section 6(1) of the Karnataka Government Parks (Preservation) Act, 1975, which disallowed any alienation of the park land.


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