Friday, June 04, 2010

Ball in people’s court

Ball in people’s court

Express Features First Published : 03 Jun 2010 05:13:46 AM ISTLast Updated : 03 Jun 2010 09:31:04 AM IST
THE government will take a decision on developing the proposed rock garden, food court and musical fountain at Lalbagh, as well as starting laser shows, only after consulting the people, Horticulture Minister Umesh Katti said on Wednesday.
The minister’s statement comes in the backdrop of the considerable opposition from environmentalists to the proposed rock garden, food court, musical fountain and laser shows.
“We are not cutting trees or rock to develop these facilities as some people claim. The rock garden would be developed on the 20 acres of barren land that is situated on the other side of the rock,” the minister said after launching websites on Lalbagh and Nandi Hills.
Katti clarified that no trees grow on that land because there is rock below the soil and all efforts to grow some plants on that tract had failed. Some part of the rock was cut during pre- Independence days and this has resulted in a small valley-like formation.
The detailed plan for the project would be drawn up in consultation with experts and botanist, the minister said. “We should also find out the right sort of vegetation for such tracts of land and design the proposed garden accordingly. We will also consult ornithologists to find out if the musical fountain and laser show would have any impact on the birds in the park,” he added.
The food court will be built in accordance with the ambience and would not be permanent in nature, said Katti.
The gate collections at Lalbagh were gradually increasing, indicating that there is a rise in the influx of tourists to the park, said the minister, adding that the food courts are necessary to cater to the needs of the visitors.
All these works would be a part of the Rs 25-crore package that was announced by Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa for the development of the park. The works would be undertaken by the BDA along with the BBMP and the entry fee to the park would increased after these are developed.
For information on Lalbagh one can visit website and for information on Nandi Hills one can visit


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