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Market upgrades, a 'complex' issue

Market upgrades, a 'complex' issue
G Manjusainath, Bangalore, June 8, DHNS:

The Corporation Building at Gandhi Bazaar, a landmark that withstood the challenges of time for 57 long years, will soon be razed by a bulldozer.

This complex is one of the 12 structures identified for upgradation under the Rs 2,000 crore projects, proposals of which were approved recently by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Spread across an area of 0.35 acres, the building, a few yards away from the famous Vidyarthi Bhavan is waiting to be razed. In its place, a new building is proposed to come up, covering an area of 1,469 square metres. This structure will house a market, a parking junction and a BBMP office. Initial estimates show the new shopping complex will cost Rs 12.56 crore.

The Gandhi Bazaar shopping complex is among the seven markets proposed to be built by the Palike. Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will build four others, while the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will develop another.
Till recently, this building had a BBMP office but now it has been shifted to another Palike building in the vicinity. Yet, people owning shops for decades in the complex have not vacated it.

In its existing avatar, the complex has 28 shops -- a few florist outlets, grocery shops, a hotel, a lawyer’s office and a vegetable shop. Although the local residents welcome the proposed upgradation of a shopping complex, the shop-keepers are worried about their livelihood.

The BBMP has decided to give alternative shops to the traders for a temporary period near a major storm-water drain in the vicinity, till the new building comes up.
But the traders are unwilling to shift as they are sure that they would not get the kind of business they are used to in the current location. Instead, they have now urged the BBMP to allot space at another BBMP building on the same road. The Palike is yet to decide on this suggestion.

A florist, Ambika Murthy told Deccan Herald that the decision to demolish the existing structure and rebuild it is good. But the BBMP should think about people doing their business in the complex. “The rehabilitation should be at a proper place where the business is not affected,” she added.

Another florist, Y Dakshinamurthy appealed to the Palike to complete the development work as early as possible, as “It is a matter of livelihood for 28 families.”

Jayanagar Complex

Upgradation of the Jayanagar Shopping Complex is another key project proposed by the BBMP Market division. The Palike has handed over this project to the BDA. According to the plan, the old complex will be razed to the ground. The proposed new structure will feature a multi-level car parking, shopping complex and a film theatre.

The residents of Jayanagar are bound to miss the existing complex as it has been a place of hustle and bustle.

They want the BDA to finish the work at the earliest. A shop-keeper, Mahadevaiah said currently there are around 65 to 70 shops in the complex and their livelihood will be at stake if a proper alternative location is not given for them to do the business.

BDA is expected to build the complex with an estimated cost of Rs 99.70 crore. “It will be built on an area of 4.9 acres,” said Prakash, BBMP Chief Engineer (Markets).

Where’s the plan?

The BBMP, the BDA or the BMTC is yet to prepare a plan for any of these proposed projects. A timeline has not been fixed for completion of the 12 shopping complexes, and above all, they are yet to finalise where the money would come from for these projects.
But the BBMP is very clear on one count. “We will not take more than two years for any of the projects once they are taken up. Our concern is for those traders who have shops in these complexes as their livelihood would be badly affected,” said Prakash.

He said the traders should be given alternative spaces till the complexes are completed. The complexes, he said, would be on par with other similar structures in the City.


BBMP will develop seven of the 12 market complexes under the project.

BDA to develop four, BMTC to build one

Estimated cost of the rojects- Rs 629.3 cr

BBMP yet to finalise detailed project reports


Gandhi Bazaar: At an estimated cost of Rs 12.56 cr, the Gandhi Bazaar upgradation project will cover an area of 1,469 sqmtrs.
It will house a commercial complex, multi-level car parking and a BBMP office.

Lakkasandra: The proposed project at Lakkasandra will feature a market complex with basement parking. The Rs 3 Cr structure will take up 700 sqmtrs.

Mavalli Market: To be built at an estimated cost of
Rs 2.95 cr, the Mavalli market will cover an area of 732 sq mtrs. The project will include a market with adequate parking facilities.

More Market: The More Market will have a market and a commercial complex with basement parking. The proposal is for a structure built on 1,010 sq mtrs of land at an estimated cost of Rs 2.99 cr.

Yediyur Market: Proposed to be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 2.21 cr, the Yediyur complex will house a market in an area of 486 sq mtrs.

Johnson Market: The proposal to upgrade the existing Johnson market will take about Rs 14.85 cr to realise. The new structure will cover an area of 2,994 sq mtrs.

Cox Town Market: At an estimated cost of Rs 3.5 cr, the Cox Town Market is to be upgraded as a one-stop solution for vegetables. The project will take up an area of 1,816 sq mtrs.


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