Wednesday, April 21, 2010

City suburb has muck on its face

"The problem is now three months old. "Our piped water supply is yellow with sewage.
Although we have complained, nothing has been has done yet"

City suburb has muck on its face STENCH ALL AROUND: JEEVANBHIMANAGAR RESIDENTS CRY FOUL For over three months people of Jeevanbhimanagar have received dirty yellow water, which they suspect is contaminated with sewage and had to live with unendurable stench.
Frustrated and angry with the BWSSB's inaction, the residents held a protest in front of its office Tuesday morning, demanding clean water supply.

The residents of first cross, second main, HAL third stage, say they have stopped depending on their piped water supply and are buying water instead as the contamination has only got worse over the weeks.

"The problem is now three months old. Our piped water supply is yellow with sewage. Although we have complained to the BWSSB several times, it has done nothing to stop the contamination," a member of the Residents' Initiative for Safe Environment (RISE), said.

With water tankers making regular trips to the locality, the water bill of each household is now not less than Rs 1,200 a month, the people say. Adding to their problems is an overflowing manhole, which has been regularly flooding the road for over a week now.

"Leaving home has become difficult with the sewage flooding the road and there is a terrible stink in the locality," says a member of RISE, complaining that one BWSSB inspector merely inspected the manhole and then disappeared without doing anything to repair it.

"Several senior citizens live here. We fear there could be an outbreak of disease if this continues," another member said.

BWSSB chief engineer, T.
Venkatraju promised to look into the problem immediately. water shortage acute Although the canal breach, which disrupted water supply to the city, has been repaired, taps continued to remain dry in several areas even on Tuesday. "Its been a week since we received BWSSB water," complains V. N. Subramanyam, of first cross, BDA layout, Airport road. Several hotels too are still going without water, according to Vasudeva Adiga, president, Bangalore Hotels Association. "Most hotels use borewell water for cleaning, and depend on BWSSB supply for cooking. But they have not received Cauvery water for the last few days and are depending on tankers," Mr Adiga adds.
The tankers don't come cheap, and demand Rs 1800 to fill up one sump, says Srinivas , who lives in Subramanyanagar, Rajajinagar second block.


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