Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Techies convince bus drivers to fall in lane

Techies convince bus drivers to fall in lane

There's already an improvement on the Marathalli-Silk Board corridor

Shwetha S. Bangalore

It's a first for the city. Seeing the chaotic flow of traffic on the Marathalli-Silk Board IT corridor, a group of techies decided to set out to educate drivers on the importance of observing 'lane discipline'. The hope was that once the drivers experienced the joys of riding in more disciplined traffic, they would, of their own, 'fall in lane'.
Vishwanath Sitaram, the general secretary of the Outer Ring Road Companies Association, said, "Traffic congestion on this stretch is aggravated by the haphazard manner in which bus drivers park. Vehicular movement is blocked when buses halt. The main aim of this project is to reach drivers of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and private buses who frequent this stretch of the Outer Ring Road, and convince them that they would make a big difference to the flow of traffic if only they observed lanes more carefully."
All people handling the transport of IT firms will be made aware of the initiative. Software engineers who ply the route regularly will receive emails about the move for greater lane discipline. Specially-designed posters are being prepared, so that word spreads. Nearly 600 posters will be pasted on this route and in the offices in the vicinity. About seven security men will man the seven main junctions on the corridor, guiding drivers of buses and other vehicles to the right lanes.
Sitaram said, "We started this initiative from April 5. There is already a great deal of improvement in lane discipline. Nearly 80 IT firms have their offices in this area. We estimate that about 30% of the IT employees regularly commute by bus. We hope to more firmly implement the idea of the dedicated bus corridor here. BMTC and the city traffic police have been aiding our effort."
Guru Prakash, a commuter, said, "I've noticed a difference over the past few days. It's true, as the buses have stopped halting right in the middle of the road, flow of traffic is smoother. This initiative is worth emulating."
A BMTC official said, "This could be the start of dedicated bus corridors, at least in areas which see heavy traffic."


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