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Garbage raises stink in HSR Layout

Garbage raises stink in HSR Layout

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The few that are around are uneven, making life very difficult for pedestrians.

Lakshmi, resident of HSR Layout, sector 7 Vacant plots must not become public urinals. The BBMP must construct public toilets here.

Retired Brigadier R.S.

Murthy, president of sector 2, HSR Layout Residents' Welfare Association -In the absence of a waste management sys tem, the garbage is dumped on vacant plots and in lakes in HSR Layout.

A.N. Yellappa Reddy noted environmentalist

With summer approaching, the people of HSR Layout are more worried than usual. The relatively new colony off Hosur-Sarjapur Road with its many techies lacks both a proper drainage and garbage collection network.
While people here have now become accustomed to seeing heaps of uncleared garbage on the roads, which draw not just stray dogs and cows , but also a large number of flies, they are worried that with the weather getting hotter soon, they could see a breakout of diseases in their midst due to the unhygienic conditions .
Another huge problem in the locality is the absence of public toilets.

Men tend to use the vacant plots to relieve themselves as a result, forcing people to live with the stench and unseemly sight they present. Already having to deal with dogs and cows on the roads, commuters here grumble that traffic has become heavier after the diversion was introduced from the ring road via HSR Layout. To make matters worse, pedestrians find there are few pavements in the locality, forcing them to use the roads in the face of the oncoming traffic.

The people are hoping the corporation elections will change their lives for the better.

"We want the elected corporator to be proactive and do something constructive rather than merely make false promises. He needs to be efficient," says retired Brigadier R.S. Murthy, president of sector 2, HSR Layout Residents' Welfare Association.

Mr Rama Shankar who also lives in the area, says door to door garbage collection is a must.

The residents are also crying out for desilting storm water drains and for a proper drainage network to ease their living conditions. If you face any problems on the street where you live that need to be highlighted in Deccan Chronicle, email


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