Sunday, February 07, 2010

All-night party at Indiranagar police station

On Thursday night, there was a party on the terrace of Indiranagar police station. The occasion and the guest list? Read on to know ...

Afew days ago, at the annual police officers’ meet, east division of Bangalore police was adjudged the best jurisdiction in the state for crime detection and recovery of stolen goods. A cash prize of Rs 40,000 was given to east division’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) M Chandrasekhar by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa.
On Thursday, an official party was held on the terrace of the Indiranagar police station, which is part of east division, to celebrate the award. As the evening wore on and the DCP and ACP left, the remaining cops decided to go on a night-long binge.
Liquor shops and eateries in the area obliged them with free booze and choice dishes. A head constable, who was there, revealed to Bangalore Mirror, on condition of anonymity, that by midnight itself at least two dozen bottles of Scotch and cartons of beer had been consumed. Plates of kebabs, biriyani and naati koli were similarly polished off.
People with dubious antecedents reportedly rubbed shoulders with senior police officers not only from Indiranagar police station, but from the entire east division. In the event, the only thing missing was bar girls serving liquor.
According to eyewitnesses, it was a quiet affair initially. The DCP and ACP gave some formal speeches and pep talk, had dinner and left the venue. Interestingly, Bangalore Mirror was tipped off by a retired DGP who resides in the area. On being alerted by a neighbour about something untoward happening at the police station, the former top cop walked down to the station to see for himself. He saw a host of government and private vehicles parked near the station. “There was some hell of a party going on on the terrace. From the sound and the atmosphere you could make out that booze was flowing,” the former DGP said.
This is what DCP Chandrasekhar had to say on the incident: “I invited police officers from my division for a dinner party to celebrate the award. It was a simple dinner party. I left the place after dinner at 8.30 pm. I do not know anything about the serving of alcohol and the party going on beyond midnight. At 11 pm, I called up all the police officers working under me over wireless to find out their location, and most of them were on duty. I have doubts about the liquor party story.’’
Assistant Commissioner of Police G B Manjunath, who was also present at the dinner and is in-charge of Indiranagar police station, said: “I left the venue at 8.30 pm along with the DCP. I had some other engagement. I do not know what happened after 8.30 pm. The liquor party story is news to me.’’


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