Sunday, February 07, 2010

Metro work hits KSCA hurdle

Metro work hits KSCA hurdle
Bangalore, Feb 6, DHNS

The Namma Metro work ran into legal rough weather at the Chinnaswamy Stadium on Saturday evening.

Armed with a High Court stay order on the acquisition of land, the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) confronted the Metro workers busy with the earth excavation work at the spot.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) later maintained they were unaware of the stay order at that time.

KSCA secretary Brijesh Patel said the BMRCL had deviated from the original plan that was stated in the preliminary notification and gone in for an elevated track. “We were informed that the Metro would take a right from Anil Kumble Circle and cut across the Police Parade Grounds and go underground at the stadium land earmarked for acquisition.

“The change in notification will hamper the functioning of the stadium and affect entry for the public for upcoming matches. When this was brought to the notice of the BMRCL officials, they responded in an arrogant way. They suddenly arrived here at 6.30 pm with excavators,” Patel said.

But BMRCL spokesperson B L Yashavanth Chavan said they were not aware of the stay order till the closure of their offices in the evening. Once the KSCA officials showed the order copy, the work was stopped and the area barricaded.

“BMRCL is in possession of the said land after issuing several notifications to KSCA. The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board has taken possession of government land and handed it over to us. We will examine the court order and file objections if necessary,” he said.

According to BMRCL, the contract to commence work has already been awarded.

The elevated track has to go beneath the ground leading to the Minsk Square station at a designated spot. Those objecting to the alignment, should understand the engineering aspects of a Metro. The design has to have a ramp downward at the necessary point, joining the elevated track,” added BMRCL officials.

HC stays land acquisition

Earlier, the High Court stayed the acquisition of land adjoining the Chinnaswamy Stadium for four weeks. KSCA had contended in its petition that the land shown in the preliminary notification issued in March 2009 was different from the one in the final notification of December 3, 2009.

The difference came to light only when they took possession of the land a couple of days ago. An area of 3,000 sqm on the eastern side will be lost and it would also affect the part of the stadium, the petitioners contended.

Earlier, in the meetings held with the petitioners it was promised that there will be no acquisition as such and co-operation was sought.

It was also told there will be an underground track and now they are building an elevated track. Because of this two gates through which entry is provided for General stand will have to be removed, they submitted.

Justice S Abdul Nazeer, who heard the matter, stayed the acquisition for four weeks.


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