Thursday, January 07, 2010

Army wants cricket stadium, State says no

Army wants cricket stadium, State says no
Bangalore, Jan 6, DH News Service:

The Army on Wednesday again laid claim to the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium, taking the State government by surprise.

In a Civil Military Liaison Conference (CMLC) chaired by CM Yeddyurappa, Commander K&K Sub Area, Brigadier P S Ravindranath said the land, where the stadium was built in 1968, belonged to the defence. Due to some reasons the issue could not be settled all these years. The State Government should come forward to settle it now, he stated.

Major General in-charge of Operational Logistics, Headquarters, Southern Command, Maj Gen K N Mirji was also present.

The Brigadier also said the issue can be settled in two ways: Either get into a lease agreement on running the stadium, or the Government can compensate it by giving an alternative piece of land.

On this, Chief Secretary S V Ranganath said the ownership issue of the stadium and land adjoining it has been settled long ago.

The then Revenue Department Secretary in 2004 has stated that the Army does not have a clear title over the land. However, the Government will direct the Revenue Department to look into the demand to give an alternative plot of land.

When contacted, S M Jaamdar, who was the Revenue Secretary in 2004, said the Army does not have a single document to prove that it is the owner. “The State Government has clear title over it, and I have proved it at that time,” he stated.


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