Friday, December 11, 2009

No ID cards for Lalbagh, Cubbon Park

No ID cards for Lalbagh, Cubbon Park
Bangalore, Dec 10, DH News Service:

The Horticulture Department has withdrawn the distribution of identity cards to senior citizens and walkers for entry into the Lalbagh and Cubbon Park.

The move had met with a vociferous opposition from senior citizens and other walkers frequenting the two green spaces. Lalbagh Walkers Association and other environmental groups had launched a sustained campaign. It was argued that the ID cards would make the parks inaccessible to a whole section of the society. There were no takers for the claim of the Department that the ID cards were for the safety of the walkers and cleanliness of the parks.

The decision to withdraw the distribution of ID cards was taken considering the view and opinions of several senior citizens and groups, the Horticulture Department director said in an official release.

This is seen as a victory by the campaigning groups, who had always argued that entry to the breathing spaces cannot be made conditional, either through ID cards or annual fees. The state government had shelved an earlier move to introduce an annual fee of Rs 200 for the walkers


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