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The time delay at traffic signals is too high in Bangalore, 2-3 minutes during normal hours and up to 5 minutes in peak hours. Chennai and Mumbai have a better system, with a time gap of a maximum 60 seconds at an intersection. We hardly see people attempting signal jumps there. When the signal shows red, it’s most irritating to think of waiting for another 4 minutes. This is the reason for 90 per cent of signal jumps. Even when it is controlled manually, the police staff must ensure that the time gap between one red and another is less than 60 seconds.
Stagger office timings: Private offices
start at 9 am and close at 6 pm.This
is the reason the roads get blocked
by 8.40 and become somewhat free
only by 10.40 or 11 am. Similarly, in the evenings, it is hell from 5.30 right up to 8 pm. Chennai and Mumbai have long adopted a system. Most offices there start by 7 am and work up to 8 pm.The employees work in shifts. Bangalore can adopt this for the whole year. The first shift people leave the office by 4 pm and the second shift people come to office by 11 am.The top administration are available from 11 up to 7 pm.And everyone works only 9 hours. Selfless adoption of this system is giving excellent results.This way,everyone gets a chance to finish off their chores properly.At schools, there must be a creche facility to drop the children quite early and also to pick them up in late hours. Pre-school games and postschool tuitions can be introduced, so that the children are engaged healthily. Each flat, of more than 100 houses, must be converted into a township,so people who work there live there and need not travel far. Just like we have adopted ourselves to the shift system, the call-centre culture, all of us must change our mindset. On an experimental basis, our office with more than 25 employees is starting this system from the first of December. Our policy makers must adopt this first.

• Do accept and respect traffic rules

• Don’t ride on the pavements, endangering the lives of pedestrians.

• Do not go in the opposite direction where there is one-way entry, causing a risk to all.

• Don’t negotiate or try to fight in the middle of the road when accidents occur, where others are also punished due to your negligence causing traffic jam.

• Do not honk. Patiently wait as others are also waiting to go like you.

• Do not allow your attention to wander when you have the responsibility to drive. (Eg: Attending calls while driving)

• Traffic cops: Do not sit idle when there is a lot of confusion on the road.

• To BMTC: Please do understand that others are also driving on the same road and do not drive the way you like creating a mess.

• To BBMP:You should know your responsibility. Do not dig up the road and leave it the way it is.The road maintenance is also very much in your control, where the sewage and drainage systems are causing a terrible traffic mess. You are also very much involved. Others: Check the signals first, before issuing the fine notice.
At Electronics City, the high speed of the vehicles, in addition to the semi-finished roads is causing a lot of trouble for pedestrians.There is no organised pedestrian crossing, which adds to the traffic troubles. It will be really great, if proper cross-points (subways) are provided in this locality, where the crowd is high. Also, till the completion of the elevated highway, govt should take steps to regularise the traffic. The traffic police should monitor the situation during peak hours.
The BMTC buses drive on the righthand side of road and stop diagonally, taking a sharp cut to the lefthand side. I have not seen any traffic policeman issuing a ticket to these drivers. They are safe as they are government employees. I think Bangalore should stop big BMTC buses. Instead, we should have small buses with more frequency and the buses should always drive on the lefthand side. Secondly, vehicles overtake from the lefthand side even you there is space on the righthand side. License should be revoked if people honk unnecessarily.
Vivek Verma
Here are two reasons why Bengaluru is becoming Jamaluru:
1.When traffic comes to a stop for some valid reason, bikers sneak through the gaps diligently, in order to get to the front, close to the stop line, covering the entire stretch of the road.Then when the situation eases, no vehicle is able to move, since the entire road is virtually packed with vehicles; even vehicles approaching from the opposite direction are blocked.
2. Footpaths are laid out for walking. But how can you do it if footpaths are filled with goods and two-wheelers.This results in the pedestrians using road space, thereby obstructing vehicles. Traffic slows down under such conditions. Only a few years ago, the authorities tried to maintain the sanctity of footpaths and even used the baton to discipline the offenders.The public were scared to leave anything on the footpaths. Now the offenders are ignored. Many shopkeepers are using the footpaths freely. It is high time the men in khakhi raise their rods to set things right - then Bengaluru will remain Bengaluru!
C S Vincent
Aravind Nagar
Autorickshaws and other private vehicles are found parked in bus stops, especially in the BEL circle stop. As a result, the bus drivers are forced to stop the buses in the middle of the road, thus making the commuters run to the middle of the road. It is quite possible that in their hurry to catch the bus, the commuter may be hit by another vehicle. I request the authorities to ensure that autorickshaws and private vehicles are not allowed to park in the bus stops.
George Fernandez


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