Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It’s Kadlekai Parishe time again

It’s Kadlekai Parishe time again
Bangalore: Nov 16, DH News Service

A festive spirit marked the launch of the traditional Kadlekai Parishe here on Monday.

Thousands of people flocked to Basavanagudi to witness the grand festival that is held every year to mark the first groundnut harvest.

Farmers from across the State and from neighbouring states came here to sell their produce in front of the Bull Temple.

Inaugurated by V Krishna Iyer, former Lok Sabha MP, the event was attended by local MLA Ravi Subramanaya and other dignitaries. “While the City is known world over for its IT revolution, the Kadlekai Parishe is one of the long-standing traditions that has survived time,” said Iyer.

The former MP also hailed the occasion as unique and a most appreciative tradition that had brought people from all across the country to witness it. The local MLA, Ravi Subramanaya appreciating the yearly affair said: “It shows the survival of the long standing traditions that are still alive in the City,” he said.

While the harvest has been good, prices of groundnut has increased. Last year a litre of groundnut was priced at Rs 15, this year it is priced at Rs 20 per litre. However, till Sunday the groundnuts were sold for Rs 13 or Rs 14 per litre. The festival is scheduled to continue for the next two days.

Fresh mounds of groundnuts dotted the footpaths and bylanes of Basavanagudi with traders trying hard to sell their produce.

The Basava Temple was packed with people offering the first harvest of the season on the auspicious day. Amusement rides and eateries were opened for children and grown-ups giving a much needed relaxed feel on a weekday in Bangalore.


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