Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chicken neck of the city to go

Chicken neck of the city to go

You need not take a detour on Madivala Main Road from Check Post near St John’s hospital to hop on to Hosur Road from Tuesday. The city traffic police have taken off the blockade as the road widening work is completed. Madiwala Main Road between Madiwala Police Station to Sarjapur junction has been made two-way.
Vehicles used to take a detour from Check Post to St John’s hospital, Madivala Sante Beedhi and reach Hosur Road near Madivala police station. This stretch was known as chicken neck in the city, causing too much of a traffic congestion in the area.
From now on, motorists are not required to go to Sarjapur Road or near St John’s hospital; they can directly proceed on Madivala Main Road to reach Silk Board Junction.
This change will save about 30 minutes’ journey time and enormous energy of the vehicle riders as here traffic always moves at a slow pace.


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