Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kids live up to IT City’s image

Kids live up to IT City’s image
Deepa Bhasthi | TNN

Bangalore: Lots of friends, Rahul Gandhi as PM, surfing the web and following Formula 1 races — all these make Bangalore’s kids uber cool, and one up over their peers elsewhere. A survey by Turner International shows that not only are kids here quite tech-savvy (no surprises there!) but are quite different from others in terms of what they want from themselves and their country.
The eighth edition of the New Generations survey reveals that Bangalore’s kids are quite internet savvy — 25% have access to computers and laptops at home, second only to Delhi and way above the national average (20%). And they’re way ahead of the rest of the country in trawling the internet for information — 67% as compared to the national average of 53%.
Rahul Gandhi’s charm works better in Bangalore. While nationally, most kids (30%) wanted Sonia Gandhi as the next PM, in Bangalore, 28% want the young inheritor as PM, followed by Sonia at 20%.
Manasi Narasimhan, associate director, research and planning, Turner International, who conducted the survey through its Cartoon Network channel told TOI that surprisingly, 12% of Bangalore kids wanted L K Advani as the next PM when he doesn’t even figure in the top five nationally.


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