Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Commuters unsafe at this signal-less junction

Commuters unsafe at this signal-less junction

Seventh Cross Road in NR Colony is too narrow for two-way traffic and commuters are left with no walking space

Ni-et Teronpi. Bangalore

Many near misses occur daily as pedestrians and motorists navigate the narrow, signal-less junction of NR Colony II Main Road and 7th Cross Double Road. It has become one of the messiest traffic junctions after the 7th Cross was opened for two-way traffic.
"Earlier, when the road was one way, it was easy to walk on this stretch. But after it has been opened for two-way traffic, there have been many accidents mainly as the road is too small to accommodate commuters and pedestrians. Once, I had a close shave myself," said Digambar Kamat, a pedestrian.
"There is always chaos at this junction as vehicles are clueless which way others standing in front are heading. The lack of traffic signal adds to the confusion. Traffic police can be of great help in such situations but they rarely come to this junction even though the area demands their constant monitoring," said Manohar, a resident of NR Colony II Main.
There is also confusion over which police station 7th Cross Double Road falls under.
"It's difficult to decide where to lodge a complaint in case of an accident in the middle of the junction because the road falls under Thyagaraj police station as well as NR Colony police station," Vijayalakshmi, a resident, said.
Every working day, she has to wait for 5 to 10 minutes to cross the road due to heavy traffic.
"Although the road is so narrow, crossing it can really test your patience. The situation becomes worse at night. Unless you are careful while crossing the road, you can be run over by a speeding vehicle. They authorities should post traffic police at this point to ensure smooth movement of traffic", she said.
Road repair works under way has further limited the space for movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
"The road is no longer safe for pedestrians. There is always fear lurking in our minds as we stand at the junction to cross the road every day", said a worried resident who did not want to be named.
H Rane, DCP of traffic (west), said he had not received any complaints so far from residents.
"If there is any complaint, we will take care of it," he said.
"What is the point in giving a complaint? Although the double road was narrow, the officials concerned made it a two way. Did they think of the consequences while taking such a decision?
"Did they ever consult us? Now the road repairs are going on and the road is again made a one way with vehicles standing bumper to bumper. Where is the space for pedestrians like me?" said an angry resident of NR Colony who did not want to be identified.
He said local residents, especially children and women, were finding it difficult to go to schools or the market to buy provisions.


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