Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Traffic problems will be solved: Bidari

Traffic problems will be solved: Bidari

Express News ServiceFirst Published : 20 Oct 2009 06:18:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 20 Oct 2009 08:10:23 AM IST
BANGALORE: Road users have something to cheer about. Speed-breakers in the city will soon conform to the Indian Road Congress (IRC) standards. In an interactive session at The New Indian Express, city police commissioner, Shankar Bidari, said, “There are a number of road humps which are not as per the standards. As I had focused on law and order all these days, I was unable to focus on traffic issues.
However, on October 15, in a meeting held with the traffic and other police officers (including the DG&IGP Ajay Kumar Singh), we have decided to bring in a lot of changes in favour of road-users in the coming days.” The Lokayukta had also been kept informed about this, Bidari said.
A number of accidents in recent times have been caused due to unscientific speed breakers in the city. However, these are reported as cases of rash or negligent driving by the motorists.
Bidari said that the number of accidents had already come down this year, not just because of the better traffic management but also because of the better roads.
Traffic on an SMS
From October 15 onwards, the city traffic police have started an SMS alert system to give commuters real-time information about traffic congestion and bottlenecks in the city. The facility is available free of cost to all those who register for it. Two SMSes each will be sent during morning and evening peak hours to the subscribers.
The SMSes will indicate congestion points and bottlenecks.
In addition, the traffic congestion causes and alternative routes will be suggested through the messages. Additional messages will be sent whenever there are disruptions in traffic due to agitations and serious accidents.
How to register
To register, send SMS: JOIN BTP to 567678 or by logging on to the website: www.bangaloretrafficpolice.
To unsubscribe send SMS: LEAVE BTP to 567678 or by logging on to the website.
The speed-breaker code
A typical road hump should have a central height of 10-12 cm; it should be shaped like a parabola with a width of 3.5 metres and cover the length of the raod. Speed-breakers should be painted in ‘V’ shape and illuminated by solar cells, installed on the pavement or on the road.
Humps shouild be restricted to main roads, and not be constrcuted at the cross roads. It should not be more than five metres away from the junction or the intersection. There should be two signboards, one at a distance of 20 to 30 metres and the other at 10 metres
In the case of ‘rumble strips’ (a group of five to ten road humps), the width of each hump should be one foot; each at a gap ofone foot.


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